Demolition Begins at KMK

Demo Pete Agnes 030417Agnes was delivered to Budapest safe and sound via LOT airlines, while Pete and Carla Himpelmann made the short two hour journey from Tapolca to meet her there. After a weekend of rest and worship, demolition of the old office space began promptly on Monday morning.

Demo dumpster TomiWalls, doorways, ceilings and carpet were removed first, with each piece of debris being carried out and down two flights of stairs to the dumpster. Then, we thank God for the strength of the more youthful KMK staff men who began and finished the demolition of a solid concrete wall in the late afternoon. This left us slightly ahead of schedule by Monday evening.

Tuesday morning Pete began a painting project and the two of us women worked with Ati to remove some very stubborn carpet. When it proved to be too difficult for us, a familiar and friendly homeless man showed up to lend a hand – which proved to be a VERY useful hand, and only with his help were we able to get the job done. Work is continuing this afternoon in order to accomplish all that is needed before new windows get installed tomorrow.

Please pray for continued safety for everyone involved. May God be glorified in the work of His church in Budapest!

Carla, for the work team

2 responses to “Demolition Begins at KMK

  1. Carla, you all are an ambitious and diligent team! Though your numbers may be small, your strength is great in the Lord.
    My greetings to all.

  2. It is so good to hear of what you are accomplishing in God’s strength! And I am thankful to hear about the homeless person, who helped you.

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