Quietly Plodding – Carla and Pete

As we go through our final week in Tapolca of 2017 we are awestruck once again at God’s faithfulness – both to us and to accomplishing His work here. We have been given strength that was not our own, and we have seen evidence that seeds have been planted in hearts. It is hard soil, but it is softening with the consistent working of it by many hands. And, we find much encouragement when we “read between the lines” of the words spoken to us. Rejoice with us in the following stories.

Last Sunday Pete was going to do the teaching at the fellowship time so we invited a friend who doesn’t normally attend. She did, and later we spent the evening socializing with her and her husband. Right away she told us that she shared Pete’s teaching with her husband and they had reread the Scripture passage together and talked about it. She told us that she disagreed with some things and wanted to talk about it. Pete explained that maybe he didn’t communicate well, or said something wrong and he would like to hear her disagreements. She said that it wasn’t him she disagreed with, it was the Bible! But, she would like to ask us some questions and understand it better. Praise God for seeds planted.

There is also another woman who faithfully attends the church fellowship every week. She is really attracted to the people that are there – “they are good and compassionate people”, she says. She very honestly confessed that she really isn’t sure about Jesus. But the evidence of her hunger for God is that she has asked to have less singing when we gather on Sunday mornings, in order to have more time for the teaching. Of course it’s difficult to enjoy worshipping through music if you don’t know Whom it is we worship! It makes complete sense in context. Yet, she has asked to learn more our great Lord. We thank God for her hunger!

plodding1There have been some new acquaintances that we pray will reconnect with Steve and Denise Koehnke when they arrive shortly, but overall, we would probably characterize this season in Tapolca as a time of quiet plodding. We have deepened the friendships previously developed and found opportunities in them to give testimony of the Lord. In the process the Lord has blessed us with signs of His faithful, gentle, and patient working of the soil of their hearts. By this encouragement let us, as a church body, persevere in the good work that is penetrating the gospel vacuum of Tapolca.


3 responses to “Quietly Plodding – Carla and Pete

  1. Carla, I Praise God with you and Pete for the gospel seeds you have planted! I also love the phrase, “quiet plodding…” in the gentle, sweet Spirit of Christ. You all are our heroes!

  2. Thank you Susan and Mike for your regular prayer and encouragement through this blog. We so appreciate you, our faithful team members!

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