A Work in Progress at the KMK

More concrete debris was removed at the KMK, gaps in the joists of the ceiling were sealed off to prevent “Rupert” the weasel from roaming freely and scaring apartment guests half to death in the middle of the night. (He has lived in the walls and ceilings of the building for several years!)  A lot of energy was expended to get the work completed that was needed in order for the new windows to be installed as scheduled – which was actually Thursday, not Wednesday as mistakenly reported before! Agnes, Pete and Tomi engineered different pieces of the work, and Carla played the “surgical nurse” handing off tools, holding this and that, and generally working to be available and still stay out of the way.

The windows arrived on schedule and are currently being installed – which necessitates the rest of us being out of the room. A forced, extended lunch hour(s) seemed like a windfall, however, once the windows are in, there is still more to do before a floor leveler can be poured. That will need to happen by Friday afternoon in order to give it the weekend to cure, not leaving a lot of time.

windows arrivingJanos – “Johnny”, and other neighbors have stopped by to say hi to Tomi and check on the progress of the work. It is a blessing to see the relationships that have been built. Janos also asked about Brad and expressed his great respect for him. These kinds of things are testimony to why we do all things with excellence, as unto the Lord. Then the work shines, and gives weight to the words we share. May the Lord bless the work of our hands.

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