A Fast-Pace Start – Carla and Pete

welcome-pcWow! What a nice welcome we have been receiving since arriving here in Hungary. From Shaun’s smiling and friendly face at the airport, Deszo offering to shop for us and helping us unload, to the sparkling clean apartment (thanks to Shaun and Deszo!!) complete with decorations, wine, and homemade treats from Erika, a faithful English club attendee who has become a good friend. These blessings made the extra effort it took to leave home this time remind us of what a good God we serve and that even in our sacrifices we can never out do His kindness to us!
The night after arrival was the first English club meeting of the semester and it was such a joy to see all the familiar faces. There were so many hugs all the way around.  Some people were missing and we will definitely be in touch with them, letting them know we are here and would love to see them if possible.
With a social gathering already scheduled for this weekend it looks like we will start out fast paced and we are grateful. Our time here will be shorter than in the past so we are hoping to fill up the calendar as soon as possible. Carla is already committed to weekly kids club, weekly English club, and one school event, and in the process of scheduling weekly Bible studies with Ramona, and organizing a women’s Bible study. Pete is committed to a weekly men’s Bible study, weekly leadership of a seeker Bible study, weekly English club, and is in the process of scheduling weekly meetings with Karoly, who claims he believes but is not attending the fellowship here.
Thank you for your prayers regarding our health before we left. We are feeling much better in that regard. If you are willing we would ask you now to pray with us that we can use our time wisely and to the utmost. We ask that the Lord would not allow anything to hinder the good works He has prepared in advance for us!
We are so grateful to be serving with you,
Pete and Carla

2 responses to “A Fast-Pace Start – Carla and Pete

  1. Lord, teach Pete and Carla to number their days and hours in Tapolsa so that they may make an impact and get hearts of wisdom. Psalm 90:12. Give them health and strength above that which is needed to finish their responsibilities with joy.

  2. Thanks for your faithful service. Praying that your efforts to build relationships to share the gospel grow. You guys are laying some if the foundation to establish a church in Tapolca. Praise be to God!

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