Himpelmanns Return to Hungary

small HimpToday begins the third extended period Pete and Carla Himpelmann will spend in Tapolca, Hungary. They return to continue the work of teaching the adult English Club, leading Bible studies and devotions, and building relationships that afford every opportunity to share the good news of Christ’s mercy and grace. They consider it an honor to labor with our local partners and those of us back home who faithfully pray and give toward the work of drawing people to Christ and building his church in Hungary.

Pete and Carla will be in Hungary until March 11, when they will join The Orchard’s Short Term Mission Team in Durres, Albania.


2 responses to “Himpelmanns Return to Hungary

  1. Hi Carla and Pete,
    I read about your return to Hungary, and started praying that you would bring God’s word to the Hungarians, and that God would strengthen your own faith also.

    With love,
    Susan Eriksson

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