The Ultimate Blessing – Carla and Pete

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Robi Szobonya, father of Szilard, a three-year student at the fall teen English camps, passed away on January 26th. Robi accepted Christ just ten months ago after searching more diligently for Truth when he learned of his cancer. Pete was blessed to be part of a small group of men who prayed with Robi and heard his confession of faith. (See April 15, 2016 post for full story). Robi, his wife Marika, Szilard and brother Barnabas all attended the church fellowship here as they were able over the last two years, and Shaun, Sondi, and Dezso ministered to the family throughout the illness.

When the time came, Marika did not want a traditional Catholic funeral, but asked if instead Shaun and Dezso would prepare a Christian funeral service for her husband. It’s difficult to explain all the challenges that came with that request, but it became obvious that God had a special plan to use Robi’s death as an even greater witness than his life. The service was held on February 2 in Hegyesd hall, the very same place where Robi prayed to receive Christ. The hall was filled to overflowing with about 87 people in attendance. This would be the greatest crowd of unbelievers this ministry team had ever had the opportunity to share the gospel with. And it was overwhelmingly evident that the Lord was with them. The words spoken and songs that were sung were full of grace, hope, and love. The presence of the Holy Spirit was undeniable. There were several comments of appreciation for the hope that was shared. Praise be to God!

Oh, how we wish we could tell you every detail of how God worked for good through this family’s loss but there just isn’t enough space! When we as a team reviewed the event and the many responses to it that the Lord prompted, we acknowledged over and over how this funeral was blanketed in prayer by so many. Be encouraged to know that all of us here are encouraged by, and depend upon, the prayers of all of you. God is at work through them.

In awe of our great God,

Pete and Carla

2 responses to “The Ultimate Blessing – Carla and Pete

  1. Pete, it is clear that the sovereign Lord of Heaven AND earth made the arraignment for you to be able to preach Christ and to minister in such a big way in Hegyesd. Wow, what an opportunity for the Cause of Christ! Thanks for your faithfulness.
    I have been talking to Allysa H and praying for the team you will join there, and for your time in Duress. So thrilled about Kujtim and Lauren’s move and work at the new Evangelical church. The renovations are proceeding well.
    All the Best,

  2. I am thankful to God for all He is doing through you! May you continue to feel the Holy Spirit guiding you and giving you wisdom.

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