A Spiritual Battle – Denise

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood,  but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 

an-old-stone-wall-with-crumbling-plaster1I want to share with you an insight I learned during our time in Tapolca.  As we prayed on our walks through town, we noticed nearly all the homes were surrounded by patched and crumbling walls, tall fences, and a locked and barred gate. And behind them is always a large, barking guard dog.

The neighbor next to the ministry center also has a very large, aggressive guard dog that caused us some very scary moments. Separating the properties is fence that is only four feet tall. The walkway leading up to our front door borders the fence and is only about four feet wide.  So whenever we had to go in or out, we were his target. He came running and jumped up on the fence, towering over it with his head and paws, barking wildly with saliva splattering us in the process. In general he would terrify anyone who came near “his” territory, and being so close to him made the experience that much more intimidating.  We had to learn how to cope with this frightening menace, because he was not going away.

It occurred to me there is a connection… the people in Hungary are spiritually closed in on all sides by walls and fences, and the “guard dog” is the enemy of their souls, the devil. He doesn’t want to let anyone in who will steal his “property.” That’s what the battle is like. When we pray for these people,  we are up against an enemy that is fighting viciously to keep them in bondage, closed away from freedom in Christ.  We have to overcome our natural fear of his threatening appearance and believe that God will set them free.  After all, He sent us here to pray (which is a real battle), to love them (through His power), and to be a light (through His Spirit) so they can see the way to Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can get through the walls and defeat the enemy of their souls.

I am sharing this so you can understand the spiritual battle for Hungarian souls and pray accordingly.  Please open your heart and let the Lord give you compassion for these people. Join us as we pray for their eternal salvation. Thank you!


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