Are You Willing? – Steve and Denise

Farewell Tapolca!

deszoWe are so very thankful that we have had this opportunity to come to Hungary and be a part of the ministry here.  We want to thank everyone who made it possible through your prayers and financial support. We started out with the usual struggles to overcome the differences of a new culture, and then grew to love the people and the place.  Now it is with sadness that we have had to say our goodbyes to these precious people.  We do hope to see them all again.

friendsWe have been encouraged to see spiritual growth in some lives, and awakening interest in the Gospel in others. But even if some do come to the Lord through an outreach, such as the English camps, they don’t have a church to go to where they can be discipled and grow.  They don’t know the love and comfort of being part of a church family because there is no evangelical church here in Tapolca.  As one experienced teacher once said, “It’s like milking a cow without a bucket.”

Are you willing to come and be a part of the work here?  Are you willing to pray and cry out for God’s mercy to touch them?  There is a great need for fervent prayer to break through the barriers of unbelief and hard hearts in others.  Anger and hopelessness can be seen and felt in this town. Now that we have experienced it firsthand,  we are compelled to keep praying for these people.  We believe God has given us a heart for this place. And He wants His church here to shine His light of hope and salvation.

There is a cost . . . you’ll have to put aside your own desires. You may be uncomfortable in many ways at first.  You may feel their sadness and oppression for a time. But in the end, you will have much joy in knowing that you have been a part of God’s plan, and eternity will reveal the results.  We are praying for more workers in the harvest here in Hungary.  Could you be one of them?

With grateful hearts,

Steve and Denise

One response to “Are You Willing? – Steve and Denise

  1. Thank you so much for your testimony. Certainly we must count the cost or we will begin and not succeed (as Jesus told us in Luke 14).
    Steve and Denise, it is so awesome that you were willing to pay a high price to go… then help us to know how to pray but also to be willing to go!

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