Enjoying Friendships – Emily

All of a sudden our time here is coming to an end. Shawn and Sondi Carlaw who we were filling in for, arrive back today and we (the Benjamins and the Koehnkes) will leave Hungary in just a few days.

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks here!  As well as a visit from UK family, a long weekend in Budapest and some hoop-jumping for the immigration department, we’ve been wrapping up our time here with plentiful social visits. There are many people we’ve built some solid relationships with in Tapolca and will genuinely miss them.

Steve and Denise enjoyed a lunch out with the three ladies who regularly attend Sunday service. They have been spending time with one in particular, Ilona, who is showing interest in the Lord.

As for our team, we celebrated Thanksgiving together in fellowship at the Benjamin’s.

Terry and Emily have been blessed with time in the company of a group of English class students, at fabulous dinner parties and enjoying mulled wine and chimney cakes together at the town’s Christmas event.

We are so thrilled to have become part of the community here and to have been led to so many opportunities to share Christ’s love. We see many people who have shown interest in knowing Him and pray that God will continue to reach these people through this ministry.

Please join us in prayer for :

– those who are close to committing to the Lord or have recently done so; that fellowship might grow here.

– the increasing number of students who stay after English class for the optional Bible message.

– English class students who have willingly accepted and read the Hungarian version of the ‘Thief on the Cross’ book by Pastor Colin Smith.

– friends and family of the believers in Tapolca, who’ve been exposed to the truth.

– Kid’s English club students who this week told us they prefer the weekly Bible story/gospel over learning English!!

Thanks so much for all your prayers and encouragement during these past few months!!

Emily, for the team

One response to “Enjoying Friendships – Emily

  1. Praise God for your time there…now you understand why I have been in Tapolca 4 times and could easily return if Sally were able to join me. God bless as each of you wait on the Lord for the days ahead

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