Fall English Camp in Tapolca

2016-fall-hungary-teamBetween October 28 and November 7, The Orchard is sending a team of eight to conduct a follow-up, week-long, Teen English camp in Tapolca, Hungary. They will augment a national team from Budapest to encourage believers from past summer camps in the area north of Lake Balaton. Our Fall Mission Team is comprised of future career missionaries and team leaders for next year’s summer camps. We trust the Lord that as they take time off work and school these few days the gospel will advance in this dark area of Hungary. They also hope to encourage the Benjamins and the Koehnkes who are currently serving in Tapolca until December.

Pray 1) for many Hungarian teens to sign up for the English camp, 2) for ears to hear and respond to the gospel message that will be proclaimed, 3) for Deszo and Niki who are planning camp logistics in Tapolca, and 4) for opportunities for gospel conversations during several teen “hang out” times in Budapest and Tapolca.

2 responses to “Fall English Camp in Tapolca

  1. ” “Lord of harvest, I pray that many teens in Topolca will attend this upcoming English camp and have meaningful gospel conversations with believers. In your mercy and sovereign grace grant them “ears to hear” and to respond to the claims of Christ! Raise up a strong church planting core group who are filled with the “joy of your salvation.” Enable, bless and direct dear Deszo and Niki as they plan camp logistics, and powerfully use the teen “hang out” times in Budapest and in Tapolca. Please do it! For your glory’s sake!”

  2. So glad you all survived the crazy flights as you battled the prince of the power of the unfriendly skies to augment the work of the Benjamins and the Koehnkes. “Holy Father, may many Hungarian teens sign up for the English camp! Give them ears to hear and to respond to the gospel message. Please favor Deszo and Niki as they plan the camp logistics in Tapolca, and give the harvest laborers many opportunities for witness and friendship- building conversations in the teen “hang out” times both in the capital and in Tapolca.”

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