Greetings from Tapolca – Denise and Steve

Greetings from Tapolca!

We’ve been quite busy here with all the classes. Attendance is growing too!  Last Sunday we were invited by two of the teachers who attend the Sunday fellowship to come to their schools to talk to their students. We are preparing for that  and hope to be able to do it soon.

There are students interested in the fall camp as well. They are looking forward to seeing Dillon again soon.

I (Denise) am cooking meals for one of the meeting nights every week (25 people), and every other week for the youth (15 – 25). Good thing I like to cook!

We have reconnected with several people we met last March. Our language skills (German and a little Hungarian) have helped us.  We are making a point of praying whenever we go out into the town.

Please join us in praying for the following:

–Opportunities to meet and build relationships with people from this area.
–Open hearts in the people for God’s love. Faith seems to be rare.
–Our health and stamina as we work. Wisdom for teaching English classes.
–Encouragment for our Hungarian team members Andras and Deszo. Deszo broke his finger last week an it is not healing properly,  so he may need to have surgery next week. Please pray for all to go well, as he is an integral part of this ministry.

Thank you for your prayers as we partner together for the gospel.

Denise and Steve

4 responses to “Greetings from Tapolca – Denise and Steve

  1. Praising God for growth in attendance and Denise’s gift of hospitality – petitioning the Lord for your specific requests above and trusting Him to move mightily in and through you!

  2. Denise and Steve, How very exciting to hear of your faithful work in a city we love, by faith. I pray that your own faith would remain strong as you abide in the vine, Jesus, so people would be drawn into a trusting relationship with God.
    I am married to a woman who loves to host and to cook so I pray for Steve’s strength 🙂 and yours!
    Oh, may the people there come to know the beautiful savior through your hearts of love!

    • Roger, thank you so much for those thrilling words! How our hearts ache for a Bible / gospel church there in Topolca!! We’re so grateful that you’ve gone to help out!
      All the best,

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