Kids Club, Bible Study, etc. – Emily

Happy Autumn from the Tapolca team! After weeks of sunny, hot days following our arrival, we seem to have suddenly entered rainy season. It’s wet and cold here!

montazs-cafeWe continue to keep very busy with the various weekly ministry events. In addition, the Koehnkes have been doing a fine job getting the ministry center into great shape, and the Benjamins enjoyed a brief visit to Budapest, where they met with Mark and Jodie Revell and saw the Montazs café. We’ve also enjoyed visits from Emily’s family, and friends of Dezsö, some of whom have been kind enough to teach the bible study or Sunday message. We’re thankful that Dezsö’s injured finger, while painful, does not require surgery as feared.

kids-clubWe praise God for the students that regularly attend the English clubs and the few faithful Sunday worship attenders. We also give praise for, and are excited about, the kids club which has grown from 4 to 8 regulars, who we’ve been blessed to build bonds with. They really enjoy the games and are learning some English, but more importantly, we have the opportunity to read bible stories and share the gospel with them every week.

As a team, we have been growing some important relationships here. Please pray for:

– Szilvia, our landlady, that she would continue building trust in us and change her heart.

– Andrea and family, that she would feel drawn to the Sunday fellowship and continue to attend.

– Andrea, a Catholic who has chosen to stay for the short message after each English class.

bible-study– Kaartjie who attends the English class. He stays for the message too, and sometimes comes to the weekly bible study. He claims to believe the Gospel but not ready to accept Jesus.

– Pal, a self-proclaimed atheist, who faithfully attends the weekly bible study and message after English class!

– Peter, a local 18 year old who became a Christian during the summer teen camp and by his own admission needs Christian fellowship but isn’t open to attending the church or Bible study. We are encouraged by him doing BSF weekly alongside Terry and Dezsö.

– Robert, a newer believer who has attended Sunday fellowship, whose cancer has returned aggressively, and his sons who are not taking the news very well.

Thank you for praying!

2 responses to “Kids Club, Bible Study, etc. – Emily

  1. Emily, thanks for this! We rejoice, for as Zechariah said (4:10) “For whoever has despised the day of small things shall rejoice, and shall see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.” Let us trust the Master together to stretch out his hand, measure, work and construct HIS church.

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