Welcome Steve and Denise!


This week saw the arrival of Steve and Denise Koehnke, fellow laborers in Tapolca from The Orchard. They hit the ground running by getting the ministry center upstairs apartment in tip top shape with much cleaning and organizing.

balkan-autumn-hungarian-team-2016We had a successful team meeting and have established a routine with each person having a role to play in each of the weekly events.

Here are some people we interact with frequently who specifically need prayer, so do please keep them in mind:

– András, our volunteer translator who also works full time. He is a younger chap who is really at the start of his spiritual journey and struggles with trust.

– Andrea and her family who have started attending our Sunday service. She comes from a reformist church and her husband is not a believer.

english-club-devo– Anita and her twin girls (13) Regina and Xenia who are babysitting our children during English clubs but willingly stay for the Bible teaching at the end. The girls also attended the kids club this week. We don’t think any of them are believers.

– Peter, a teen who has attended the last three summer camps and became saved last year. He is slowly but surely seeing the need for Christian fellowship. Dezsö and Terry are spending much time with him in guidance and he is starting to attend the ministry events.

– Szilvia, our landlady, who appeared to come to Christ a couple of years ago but does not seem to be walking with Him now. She seems overburdened and weary with all her businesses and does not attend any ministry events or fellowship.

Thank you for praying!

Terry and Emily

4 responses to “Welcome Steve and Denise!

  1. We miss you already! We will keep you in our prayers, trusting the Loed to provide everything you need for your needed ministry in Tapolca. The Hugarian people will always remain close to our hearts.
    Love and prayers,
    Phil & Maria

  2. God Bless all of you and my prayers are for much planting, fertilizing, growth and fruit for those in Tapolca.
    Love those pictures too.

    Mark n Maria Graves

  3. Terry and Emily,
    Thanks for this good and extensive report.
    I can’t place you. Are you career missionaries in Hungary?
    How is the young man who injured his finger? I hope he can get good care.
    I pray that the dear, distracted landlady would find joy in the savior so she can become a part of Christ’s great cause in the Balkans.
    All the best!

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