Very Full Weeks – Emily B.

This last couple of weeks in Tapolca have been busy with a full schedule of our weekly events!

Sundays: Fellowship with our team and 2-4 local believers as well as a couple of people whose salvation is uncertain.

Mondays: Kid’s English club. Four girls came the first week, two of whom returned the second week along with two new girls. Giggly girls ages 9-13. Games in English, learning English songs and a bible story, followed by cake!

Tuesdays: Adult bible study. Two or three students each week, one of whom has been consistently attending but questions God and the bible.

Thursdays: Adult English club. Twenty or so students (a few inconsistent). Teaching 3 levels of English, break for a light supper and treats. An optional bible teaching devotional at the end.

benj-youth-groupFridays: Youth group. The first session was highly successful with a great turn out of 16 teens. Games, activities, supper and getting to know each other. An optional Bible teaching at the end will be added in future weeks.

We have been getting to know various people in this area and are starting to pursue relationships with a few, although at times, the language barrier has been a challenge! However, there have been several positive responses to invites to the clubs.

roger-teaching-schoolToday (Friday 23) Steve and Denise Koehnke arrive from The Orchard to join us here for the next two and a half months, while Roger Eales will be leaving on Sunday. Roger has created the opportunity to speak to 400 school kids through daily class visits. He has given fun presentations about his time in Congo and it’s fascinating to see how he weaves the gospel into his talks.

Dezsö is doing a great job of follow up outreach by inviting the school kids to the youth group as well as meeting with some teens in the community.

We are adjusting and finally truly seeing the work God has for us here. Thankful for our team and for many potential friendships and connections. Also thankful for your continued support and prayers!


One response to “Very Full Weeks – Emily B.

  1. We are blessed with each report of the work we know well which continues in your capable hands. We pray for your continued strength and perseverance!

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