Meeting New People – The Benjamins

Terry and Emily write:


Our second week started with Terry leading and preaching for the little “church” fellowship, just a handful of local believers who have been faithfully meeting together to worship for some time. Tuesday saw the arrival of Roger Eales (in photo), a retired missionary who is spending 3 weekroger-ealess here helping us with the English classes as well as presenting his stories of missionary life in Africa to English students at one of the local schools, with the hope of some outreach.


We started English club on Thursday night and had 16 students turn up, some more eager than others, but all hopeful of learning or improving their English. Roger, Terry and Emily each taught a different level (2 of which needed translators). It is encouraging that many of these students are continuing from the last academic year as we have a short bible teaching or devotional (optional) at the end of the class and several students stayed to listen. We have employed a girl who attended the summer camp and her mother as babysitters for our girls during the English class. We’re thankful that both stayed for the devotional. It would be wonderful if they decided to join us for Sunday fellowship!


Terry has connected with another student from the summer camp, Peter, and enjoyed time with him. He has become a believer through the camps and shows interest in attending the Sunday fellowship also!


We are starting to familiarize ourselves with some locals around town and while the language difference is a barrier, we pray we may still manage to build relationships. We are also aware that our growing relationship with our landlady is an important part of our ministry. It’s been a little challenging this week as she has had complaints about the children making noise–running, shouting, etc. It doesn’t help that in addition our youngest, Josie, has been teething and has been rather irritable, including at night.


One of our joys has been exploring the area a little, enjoying the beautiful greenery, hills and lake and discovering quaint little villages and pleasant towns. The girls’ favorite place, however, is the little park next to our place and it’s fun to start seeing other “regulars” there.


Our prayers are for:


-Softened hearts of others in our apartment building toward the activity of children and the opportunity to use this challenge to show them Christ’s love

-Strengthened relationship with our landlady who may benefit from encouragement and uplifting

-English club students to be receptive to learning more about the Gospel


We are feeling the effects of your prayers and encouragement!

Thank you!

2 responses to “Meeting New People – The Benjamins

  1. Terry and Emily-
    Which city are you serving?
    Yes, little ones add a new but needed dimension to ministry. The friends of Jesus learned not to grump about the inconvenience of kids.

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