Settling In – The Benjamins

Thank you for your prayers. We are settling in slowly but surely. It was a long journey and we arrived Saturday night in time for soup and bed.

Despite jetlag, we joined Shaun and Sondi for Sunday morning fellowship at the ministry center. There we were joined by the few regulars plus some friends of Sondi’s. We also spent time Sunday with Shaun and Sondi discussing our roles and getting to know Deszö, a Hungarian missionary who will be spending the three months with us, and Andràs, a local lad who will be translating for us when needed.IMG_20160902_104831

The Carlaws left for Canada on Monday and Terry spent a happy (!?) few hours in the dark navigating his way back from dropping them in Budapest. We anticipate the arrival of Roger Eales from the USA next week who will be working alongside Terry. It looks like we’ll have a busy schedule of running Sunday ‘church’, teaching bible studies and English classes most days, not to mention preparing the snacks and treats that are necessary for such things…IMG_20160828_140516

We have enjoyed looking around town (ON FOOT!), discovering the shops we need and starting to meet with people our predecessors connected with.

Prayers would be appreciated for:

  • a couple of us haven’t been well this week so quick recovery
  • continued adjustment to, and ease of caring for the girls in a new environment
  • strong relationships between the workers here
  • courage
  • interest among the community to attend the classes

Thank you!

Terry and Emily

2 responses to “Settling In – The Benjamins

  1. God bless your family. It is a great work you do for our Lord and Savior. May it reap a bounty for His glory. My daughter was just in Tapolca this summer, so I will be praying for you all.

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