Benjamin Family Serves in Tapolca

Benjamin Family - cr and rotatedThis Friday, August 26, the Benjamin family will begin a four-month journey to serve the Lord in Tapolca, Hungary. They will be filling in for missionaries (Shaun and Sondi Carlaw) who are on home assignment this fall by leading weekly adult English classes and Bible studies. In addition, they will be out in the community following up on contacts others from The Orchard have had, praying daily for the people, the town, and for the Lord to bring a church into existence there.

Please keep Terry, Emily, Eliana, and Josephine in your prayers, especially for:

  • Continued peace and confidence that God has called them to serve him there
  • Safe and good travel for all on the flights and long travel days
  • To quickly adapt to life in a small town of another culture and language
  • Friendships that would lead to gospel conversations
  • Their lives would show Christ to those who attend Bible studies and English Clubs



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