Tapolca – Day 3 -Anna


Today we had a really good day at camp! We had a sunny day perfect for the slip n’ slide, water balloon toss, and watermelon soccer (campers sit on the slip n’ slide in two teams and only use their hands to move around and get the watermelon into the goal).

God has been moving in the hearts of the campers and they have been participating more in worship time and have been asking good questions and conversations in small groups after the sermons.

One of our translators had a minor accident on the slip n’ slide and bumped his head so keep him in your prayers. Pray for all of us that we’d have energy and good sleep so we can be fresh and ready every morning for the camp.  Also, pray for the campers that their hearts would continue to be stirred by the sermons and that they’d feel God’s love through us.


2 responses to “Tapolca – Day 3 -Anna

  1. Anna, it’s clear that you all are “serving the Lord with gladness!” May the “Joy of the Lord” be your strength (Nehemiah 8.10). We will pray for the injured translator. I hope I can go to a report meeting to learn more about the strategy you all follow there in these camps. It is clear that Christ himself is living in and thru you all!

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