Tapolca – Day 4 – Nathan H.

Another great day for the Tapolca team! Today (Thursday) was the fourth day of English camp here in Hegyesd. We started the day off with another ice breaker. We played a really fun round of the Finger Grab game. Everyone stood in a circle and tried to grab the finger of the person to their left. It was a great time, even though it did end with a three-way tie!

The English classes went really well. The upper-beginner class learned about holidays. After making make-shift costumes, they went around to other classes to trick-or-treat. They also had an Easter egg hunt and had the chance to read the Easter story to the kids in their class. The elementary class worked on memorizing Bible verses and made collages with pictures of nature and phrases about God’s love. In my class, the beginners, we learned about places around town. The kids drew their own maps. The students also had to navigate a map we made to find out what building we were directing them to. These are just some of the activities the kids did during their English lessons.

During snack time we had another traditional Hungarian snack. They are a pastry called “chocolate snails.” It’s like a big cinnamon roll with chocolate instead of cinnamon. They were delicious. During chapel, Dillon gave a very powerful message from Romans 5. He talked about how we are all justified by our faith in Jesus Christ. It led to some really good conversations and questions during small group. Many of our small group leaders have been really encouraged by the discussions they’ve had after the messages.


After lunch we went for a hike on Hegyesdi Hegy (Hegyesd Hill). The walk up was a great opportunity to catch up with the students and discuss what they learned from the message. The view from the top was beautiful! Once at the top, Holly, Kamren and Darien shared their testimonies. It was very encouraging for the kids to hear how some of the leaders came to faith. The kids learned that they don’t need to be perfect to be a Christian. They just need to put their faith in Jesus Christ. The hike was a great way for us as leaders to get even closer with the students.

As we move forward into our last day of camp for the week, you can be praying for a couple things. Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in the kids’ hearts over the weekend and that they come into the second week with open hearts and questions, and also that us leaders are able to have wisdom in talking to the students both about English as well as the saving power of Jesus. A few of us have also been feeling under the weather lately because of exhaustion and the new food, so please pray that we’ll be in good health for the coming week.

One response to “Tapolca – Day 4 – Nathan H.

  1. Nathan, what a fun, awesome report! I love that Hungarian children are learning that they don’t need to be perfect but just need to put their faith in Jesus Christ. The GOSPEL is such happy news! Nathan, I ask that the Lord of Harvest would empower you, live in you! For you have refreshed us TOO like Proverbs 25:25 says: “Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”

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