Day 12 – Budapest – Kristen P.

It’s so hard to believe that we only have one day of English camp left! These past two weeks have completely flown by and it’s been so humbling to see God at work in so many new and unique ways.

We’ve all been a bit more tired physically, but as soon as the kids walk in we are immediately filled with adrenaline and the Lord’s strength. We started the day off with a game of statues-a camp favorite! Betsy later gave a very encouraging message on Philippians 4:8 and challenged the campers, as well as us, to truly search our hearts for where our thoughts tend to be and to then turn them around in a way that glorifies Christ. The rain didn’t seem to want to stop today so we spent our afternoon inside-which turned out to be a lot more fun than I think most of us expected! A movie was put on, card games were being played everywhere, and lots of fruitful conversations filled the building. What struck a lot of us today was just how joyful everyone seemed to be; which is definitely a testament to how present God’s love is within the camp.

13833435_1004404509677010_1016275298_oI’ve had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the one-on-one team that disciples the Hungarian leaders. This has turned out to be a very rewarding role because these leaders are constantly pouring into the campers yet have very few people pouring into them. Today I had an amazingly fruitful conversation with one of the female translators I met with last week. She shared that she has been struggling with reading the Bible and has gotten very discouraged by her lack of being able to understand it. After spending some time on my own with the Lord I decided to walk through a chapter of each type of “genre” within the Bible to show her that one, it all points back to Christ, and two, that she truly can read it on her own even if she doesn’t understand everything because we have the Holy Spirit. We studied a chapter from the 2 Kings, Psalms, the Gospel of Matthew, and Philippians. It was so clear that the Holy Spirit was truly stirring in her heart as she began to point out more and more things that I hadn’t even thought of before! It was so encouraging to see The Word so living and active within her.

We ended the day with Parent’s Night! It’s an opportunity for the parents of the campers to see what the camp is all about, as well as see their child perform in a skit with their class as a way to show their new English skills. Seeing each camper speak into the microphone with confidence was a big encouragement! Each skit was so unique and made everyone laugh. There were some refreshments afterwards which gave everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves to their student’s parents. It’s also a great way to continue to form relationships with these families. One of the opportunities presented was a Bible study on Wednesday nights for the families of the campers so please be praying that the Lord would use that in mighty ways! Please also continue to pray that our last day of camp tomorrow would be fruitful and bring glory to God and His kingdom!

In Christ,


2 responses to “Day 12 – Budapest – Kristen P.

  1. Kristen, you kind of took my breath away when you talked about pouring your life into Hungarian leaders who are constantly pouring themselves into the campers (yet have very few people pouring into them). When I was a pastor that was my prime passion: Ephesians 4:11-15. That is a grand theme in the NT- pour your life into the workers. Thanks for your faithfulness!

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