Tapolca – Day 2 – Maggie

Hello Tapolca team fan base! Today was the second day (Tuesday) of teaching our English camp. We started off the day with the fan favorite songs, Cha Cha Slide and The Macarena. This started the day off on a high note despite the rain that was occurring. Luckily, the rain went away and we were able to go out and enjoy the nature. Everyone did their first session of English lessons, then a quick yogurt was enjoyed and we were back at the lessons.
13654194_10102271133941468_4184512717555222033_nAfter class time, Dillon preached on Romans 1: 18-21 and how we are naturally sinful and that we need Jesus to save us and how amazing this is. Reports back from the small group leaders said that the conversations about the sermon were very fruitful with the teens asking great questions, creating a discussion and questioning their lives. We then played card games with the teens, such as a Uno, Spoons and Apples to Apples. This created a fun environment for the teens and leaders to connect and converse. Nearing the end of camp a game of Human Foosball was played, and for those who didn’t want to play the game, friendship bracelets were made. The team then waved off the campers as they left on the bus.
Because the sun was shining we decided to go to the Balaton lake to enjoy some swimming. When we got to the lake all was well. We got there, put down our things and went in the water. A good twenty minutes went by before some rain drops started slowly and lightly to fall. As more rain drops started to fall we decided to leave the lake and go get some food. Well things went down hill fast. As we waited in line the rain started to pour, wind started to blow and the thunder was out of this world loud. The whole team huddled under the food court ceilings waiting for the rain to calm down. It took about a good thirty minutes for the rain to die down and for us to be able to escape. Luckily we had good food and each other to keep us entertained and warm. The Lord provided us some grace as we left the apartment windows open, but not a drop of rain fell over our apartment! We have been having an amazing time so far on our trip with all the teens and each other.
Please remember to keep us in your prayers. Some specific things to pray about would be for some more funding to come our way as we are a bit short, and also that the hearts of the students would be open to the message that we are sharing about the Lord.
Hope everything is good back in the states and we will see you all in two weeks!

2 responses to “Tapolca – Day 2 – Maggie

  1. We are doing well back in the US, so thanks for asking, Maggie!
    I love that you all are getting the Lord’s word out in a city dear to all of our hearts! Topolca is the apple of our eyes. (No reference to the one game you all played; I’m a 67 year old man with NO clue about most of the crazy fun stuff you mention). Oh, may God soon plant a church there!

  2. What a day! It sounds wonderful! Praying for all of you and happy to hear the Lord is keeping you safe.

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