Tapolca – Day 1 – Kenzie

Today (Monday) was our first day of English camp here in Hegyesd! It wasn’t the most ideal weather wise; with rainstorms at the beginning of camp. The Lord provided and gave us a wonderful space for fellowship and games indoors. Although, we were later blessed with sun, towards the end of camp, and were able to enjoy the outdoors. It has been so great to reconnect with students from last year, as a returning English leader. To see how far they have come not only in their English but also in their walk with Christ has been so motivating.
13876702_10102271135692958_6957679363250394344_nBeing over in another country, with a language barrier, can seem scary and so insane. And it is, but it’s also amazing and incredible. It’s so encouraging to see people make connections with someone else who they cannot even verbally communicate with. Just to see them gesture at things, or just laugh and sit together is such a beautiful thing. The way that God made each of us unique and special, but to all have fellowship together has already started to show. I am looking forward to really getting to know all these students better and to hopefully help them not only with English but also with any questions they may have about faith. This is Kenzie signing off from Hegyesd!

One response to “Tapolca – Day 1 – Kenzie

  1. Kenzie- how sweet that you give us a taste of work in a foreign land!
    Who knows how many new workers may be moved to go, perhaps even to Hegyesd! (Matt. 9:36-38)

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