Day 11 – Budapest – Matt P.

Today was awesome! As our time with this mission unfolds, it is amazing too see the way that God is working in the lives of the Hungarian and American students.

After a nice breakfast at the hotel, our team commuted to the ministry center to begin English camp. Once we got there, Pastor Brad filled us in on our plans for the day. At this time, Carly Silva encouraged us with a devotional from Colossians 3:17. The day progressed extremely well. After morning games, morning classes, chapel, lunch, and afternoon classes, we took the Hungarian students to engage in a scavenger hunt in a street and market of Budapest. It was quite fun and all of the kids had a grand time!

13838040_10206817980664826_1731477298_oCaption: After camp, we got dinner at the mall and then made our way up to the Citadel statue to take photos and pray for the city.

The Lord has been teaching me wonderful things during my time on this trip. Specifically, with regards to humility. My responsibility on this trip is to have one-on-one conversations with the Hungarian translators/leaders and encourage them in their personal faith. This responsibility has been a huge blessing and a huge learning experience. As I converse with a variety of Hungarian personalities, I try to discern how to approach them with personal and theological questions that make them think deeply about their faith. This is a challenge, however, and when the theology of some of these leaders contrasted with my own, it became difficult for me to approach them with love and grace. The Lord helped me overcome this frustration. With more preparation for these conversations by saturating myself in God’s word and thinking about theology from their perspective, the Lord revealed to me my flaws. Overtime, my ability to gracefully approach these leaders increased and the effectiveness that this approach had could be viewed in their responses to my attitude.

Recently, I had a conversation with a Hungarian student that grew up in a traditionally Catholic household. While he was saved by grace through faith, it was very difficult for him to come to terms with the fact that there was no evidence for his traditional convictions in the word of God. The conversation ended well and I will continue to pray for his faith and encourage him throughout the week.

God Bless.

2 responses to “Day 11 – Budapest – Matt P.

  1. One of my favorite teachers on the validity of Scripture is Paul Little in Know What You Believe. His first chapter is on the Bible. It’s encouraging to read through that chapter and be immersed with the revealed truths of the Holy Word of God and how amazing it is how God preserved it for us.

    So encouraged by your testimony, Matt – Praise God for the great work He is doing there in these Hungarian Students as well as in all of your lives.

    Have a blessed Thursday at camp.

    Philippians 4:13 🙂

  2. Matt, that is so thrilling! You are “growing in grace” and in “the knowledge of Christ” as you serve him. GOOD job!

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