Day 6 – Budapest – Maggie A.

Today was the last day of camp and I wouldn’t change anything that happened. It’s been an amazing week and the Lord has been working in so many peoples lives from The Orchard, and from Hungary.

IMG_0955Sharing my “story” (testimony) and the gospel are two things that have never come naturally to me. This past week, I have really learned how to step out of my comfort zone and endure the momentary awkward silences that I’ve encountered during gospel-centered conversations. So far, I’ve had a chance to talk to three girls on a deeper level. One of the girls is 17, and I have been able to feel the spirit moving in me in tremendous ways when this girl is around. The Lord has been pulling at my heart to reach out to the people who seem to be harder to talk to either because of the language barrier or their ability to hold a conversation, and this girl is the perfect example!

I’ve also had a chance to experience the constant peace and wisdom that the Holy Spirit can give in situations that may seem extremely overwhelming. As a perfectionist, I naturally want my conversations, lessons, and relationships to be perfect all the time. God has helped me put a hold on my selfish desires so that I am able to make the most of the time that we have with the Hungarian students because after all, we only have 10 days, and 5 have already flown by!

The need for strong churches and the gospel is so apparent here. One of the girls that I had a chance to talk to has a journaling-Bible with columns for notes on either side of the page. These columns are filled with beautiful prayers, reflections on the passages, and acrylic paint. The number of passages that this young girl has been through is truly inspiring, not to mention the way her face lights up when she gets the chance to tell someone about her artwork or her love for the Bible.

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