Day 7 – Budapest – Donny

Today, the group went to some of Budapest’s most iconic sights.  After our first morning sleeping in, we bused over to Castle Hill.  There we saw some amazing architecture including a statue representing the Holy Trinity.  Then, the group picked up some lunch 13835841_10154096854720379_36896104_osupplemented by delicious Hungarian Starbucks.  With full bellies, we began our winding, overcrowded bus ride filled with twists and turns back down the hill.  On the way, what started as a small drizzle turned into a downpour and we were forced to find shelter underground in a subway stop.  For an hour or more, the team told riddles and played games while we waited out the rain.  Our next stop was St. Istvan’s Basilica.  It is a beautiful church and cathedral located across the Danube from Castle Hill.  We hiked up over three hundred stairs.  The view when we arrived at the top was well worth it. The entire city was visible and we could even see the place where we were on the hill just hours before.  When we were back at the bottom, we enjoyed some well-deserved gelato in the shape of roses.  Some of our team members (Nick L.) treated themselves to eight scoops!  While huddled in the lobby for wifi, there was what seemed to be having a “Sweet 16” going on.  While writing this post I have been serenaded with loud music, whistles and cheers.  Today has been a relaxing way to end a week filled with activity.

God has most certainly been at work here in Budapest in the last week, but it has become evident to me that he has been at work here in the last year as well.  The way God has opened up conversations to happen shows growth in the hearts of the Hungarian students.  I have been learning in a new way that you do not only see the fruit of the gospel in the moment that you share it, but maybe a year or more later.  I have really seen seeds that were planted long ago in this ministry sprouting these past few days.

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