Day 4 – Budapest – Jayde F.

Beach day! You know what that means – sun tans, swimming and langos (read more below). We started our day off with Kristen’s testimony. Kristen’s testimony was beautifully presented as she explained that when earthly troubles get in the way, God’s light will always shine through. With our hearts in the right place, we headed to the beach for our mid-week extravaganza.

IMG_5853_1Most of the kids started off in the water, which was extremely cold and took a few minutes to get used to. The boys did back-flips and the girls played catch. The sunny weather and lack of hurricanes made this the perfect beach weather (if you have no idea what I’m referring to, take a look at last year’s blog). After swimming, many decided to eat lunch. The most popular choice? Langos. Langos is a large piece of fried dough mounted with toppings such as cheese, sour cream, garlic and onions. Our beach was then filled with our crew playing volleyball and chatting with Hungarian students on the beach. I saw God’s light shine through many of our American and Hungarian leaders as they encouraged the kids to participate and make the most out of beach day. Many sun burns later (don’t worry parents – they are not that bad), we headed back to KMK (the ministry center) for our debrief.

During the debrief, we encouraged one another with compliments and suggestions. Then we prayed and walked to our dinner reservation. Today, we decided to mix it up and sit with people we didn’t talk to as often on the trip. We all bonded over the veil paprikas vs wiener schnitzel debate and our love of fruit soup.

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