Viszlat from the Tapolca four! -Krista Anderson

We can hardly believe that five weeks have gone by here in this wonderful country. We are definitely growing more attached as the days go by. We have one week left on our own until the rest of our team joins us. While we are sad things are moving quickly, we are eager to see familiar faces.

This past week was our last week of Kids English Camp. Last year, our team only helped with the Teen English camp, so it has been a little different serving with the kids, but we have loved every second of it! On Tuesday we went to a town called Ajka with the entire camp to a water park! This fun day was complete by a home visit to a camper’s house where me and Niki were invited for dinner. On Thursday we had Kid’s Camp Parent night where all of the families of the students were invited to see their kids’ perform something on stage, meet all of the teachers, sing a few songs, hear the gospel, and eat dessert! It was a long day, but one of the best yet. Friday was the last day of camp, which was very sad and full of tears-both happy and sad. We had strongly connected with these young Hungarians even though we knew them for just two weeks. It was incredible to see how attached you become with the kids by playing games, singing songs, and listening to Bible messages with them every day!

This past Wednesday we had our Bible Study. We had a turnout of five students: four we know, and one friend. We were slightly interrupted halfway through the study by a huge hailstorm/thunderstorm! The rain was flooding through our closed windows and doors so we had a brief intermission from soaking up the Word to soaking up the water with all of the towels we could find. Despite this mishap, we had a successful study about Savior in our gospel presentation. We asked questions about what the passages said and were responded with knowledgeable answers which proved we were given their complete attention. We were very encouraged by the students who came and the interest in the gospel they have all been expressing.

Along with serving in kids camp and Bible study, we have continued to meet with students individually. On Monday night and Wednesday morning we met with one particular student we have been meeting regularly with. These were both great meetings and we pray for him persistently that he would receive salvation through Jesus Christ. On Monday, we had a very deep spiritual conversation which was very encouraging and gave us so much joy. He was so interested that he wanted to meet with us again that week, even though we usually meet just once.

This weekend we had a chance to rest and relax after a busy two weeks! We have recharged and are ready for one more independent week here in Tapolca before our two weeks serving in Hegyesd. Thank you so much for all your prayers! We have the same prayer requests as we have over the past few weeks. We hope all is well in America! Sziastok!

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