Day 2 – Budapest – Ben S.

20160718_160022Today was the first day of camp. This was a very exciting day for all of us returning for their second camp. We were able to reunite with our friends from last year. Throughout the whole day I was not only reuniting with my old friends but I was also making new ones. Even though today was the first day and the kids are usually shy, I was really encouraged by how many people spoke up in our classroom.

We started off the day by playing sharks and minnows for our morning games. Soon after that, we followed up with our English classes. During this time on our first day we all met our new students and got to know them. After we finished up our class, we continued on to large group where we had a sermon and we sung worship songs in both Hungarian and English. While all the Hungarians were having their small groups, our team helped set up for lunch where we had delicious Hawaiian, pepperoni, and cheese pizza. After a delicious lunch and a second English class, we had a fun afternoon filled with lots of games and a whole lot of team building. Once the games wrapped up we headed inside for a quick last talk before having a little send off to the kids before they leave from camp.

One of the most important things that I learned about God from this trip so far is the power of prayer. One of my payers was that I would be able to adjust to the time difference. During both the plane rides over I got no sleep. I was really afraid that because of that I would not be able to serve my fullest. Fortunately the night that we arrived was not very hot and so I was able to sleep very well. Over the next few days we will still be adjusting to the time difference yet I still feel as rested as ever, so I am really thankful that God was able to answer my prayer in such a powerful way.

3 responses to “Day 2 – Budapest – Ben S.

  1. Great to finally have the first day of camp after all the prep and travel. We’re praying for you all and thinking about you throughout the day as we make the mental time zone jump.

  2. Thank you for each of the posts letting us know what you are doing each day. We love to hear about your days!!! Ben, I’m so glad that you see how God cares for us in such tangible ways. 🙂 May all of you continue to lift your needs to Him on prayer. We are praying for all of you.

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