Day 1 – Budapest – Nick L.

We made it to Budapest Hungary! First off, our thousand miles away and takes quite along time  travel to Budapest. For out first day of travel, we had a fantastic plane ride which was super comfortable and a stress free ride. We landed in Poland to catch a connecting flight to Budapest which we landed in Budapest approximately 4:30 p.m. and made it to Hotel Ventura around 6:15 p.m. After settling into our hotel rooms he proceeded to dinner and shortly after proceeded to sleep so we would be well rested and fully recovered from jet lag. Our second day started off by sleeping in and departing the hotel at 11 a.m. to go to Allee mall for a quick lunch. After lunch we headed off to the ministry center for our first debrief for the upcoming week. After talking about rules guidelines and some tips for teaching our new students. We then, had a fantastic time at the church in Hungary Kegy we got the wonderful opportunity to listen to Brad preach on Nehemiah about prayer and how to pray. We also go the opportunity to pray with the Hungarian church and members from the church. After church we got to meet our Hungarian leaders and prepare for the tomorrow’s lessons and the first day of camp.

Everyday wonderful experience are made and today I got a fantastic opportunity to meet new Hungarians I met my three new leaders that are helping me and my teaching group teach English. This was such an awesome time since two of our Hungarian leaders helping us lead were apart of the camp the previous year. This was a really cool eye opener because it shows how much this camp helps students go from being new in their faith and English to being a leader teaching people about Jesus and teaching people English in about five years. I’m so glad I can be apart of such a fantastic camp and be part of such a wonderful experience.

Lastly, we go to Hungary to teach English and preach the word of God, but while being a follower of Christ God works in our lives as much as he works in other people’s lives. Today, I saw God working in my life by teaching me flexibility. We were thrown a slight curve ball when our teaching teams changed. This has been a blessing since God is teaching me how to be flexible.

4 responses to “Day 1 – Budapest – Nick L.

  1. Thanks so much for the update, Nick! So happy to hear what God is doing among your team even before you have students!

  2. Happy for your safe journey! Share Jesus through your personal testimony , how has Jesus changed your life since He has been Lord of your life! Looking forward to hearing more from you all!

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