Home Sweet Home – Pete and Carla

We returned “home” to Tapolca Monday night from Albania (via Budapest for Easter). When you travel around Europe, and especially the Balkans, the need for Christ is very evident. However, I believe that if we traveled through our suburban streets and daily routines with the same eyes, looking for God to be at work, we would see the same need. The difference is that for those in the U.S., there are Christian churches, radio stations, stores, and many more Christian people, so the gospel is surrounding them if they are looking for it – even though it may be waning. But, that isn’t true here. There is virtually no Christian influence in Hungary or Albania. So, we are very glad we’re here. Mostly because our eyes have been opened to looking for God’s leading and His hand at work as we go through daily routines of living and serving in Hungary.

With the Hungarian holiday and the travel we feel we are off to a slow start in being really active in building relationships. Please pray for fruitfulness in this over the next 7 weeks.

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