“I will build My church…”

The Albania Prayer Team returned to Chicago last Saturday evening. As the mission team leader anticipating his own move to Durres by this fall, Kujtim shares his thoughts below.

“I will build My church…” These words uttered 2000 years ago are being fulfilled today!

Durres praying

As I reflect on the time spent in Durrës, one thing stands out; it is a joy and privilege to partner with God as He builds His Church in Durres, Albania. When you walk around the ancient city of Durrës, you see historical structures, such as the city wall and the Roman amphitheater from the 1st century.

What stands out as you take in these beautiful sights is the intricacy with which they were built. You realize that an architect was behind it and there were workers who had to place each brick in its proper place. The result is that these structures built 2000 years ago still stand today.

Jesus says, “I will BUILD my church!” And this obviously does not take place over night. It is a process whose architect is the Lord himself. And us, well we are just simple workers, laying those bricks faithfully, laying that foundation which will remain for centuries.

We prayed, interacted and shared the gospel with people, and served a small village church in Sukth. But as we leave, we believe that we were part of something greater than ourselves. Something which God has begun and something which he will continue to do for his sake and glory.

Thank God that He has called The Orchard to partner in this work. Thank you also for partnering with God in this work through your prayers, giving, and encouragement.

All these things are one more step in the building of Jesus’ church in Albania and the Balkans.

We rejoice with you, and we feel blessed. Praise and glory to our God.


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