Heading for Tapolca

small Himp

Pete and Carla Himpelmann are on their way to serve in Tapolca, Hungary for 82 days! Please pray for their safe arrival and settling in to the apartment there. Pray they will adjust quickly to surroundings that are familiar from their stay one year ago. They will join the English Clubs this week reconnecting with “old” friends trusting God to provide opportunities to share the Gospel.


2 responses to “Heading for Tapolca

  1. So glad to see you are returning to Hungary. May the Lord bless your tie there and connect you with those seeking Him!

  2. Pete and Carla replied:
    We just want to let you know that we arrived safe and sound with basically no hiccups in the travel schedule.
    It’s sunny and 50 degrees this morning. It feels like we never left and are settling right in. Our schedule for today includes moving in, a little cleaning and organizing, grocery shopping, tracking down the coffee pot and napping!!

    We’re looking forward to sending good news as time goes on!

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