Settling In – Carla

Settling%20in%202016-2Thanks to the Lord for delivering us safely to Tapolca. We felt like we reconnected with old friends immediately when Sondi welcomed us by saying, “It feels so normal to have you here!”
We’ve adjusted to jet lag, shopped for a few groceries, unpacked (see photo) and prepared for our first English club last Thursday night. We were told that the discussion group which I (Carla) led last year had dwindled for many different reasons. Still, it was disappointing to think of all the people that we had enjoyed who were no longer there. However, as we know, the Lord is working all things together and this will indeed move us toward new relationships that we had been praying about.
We have several new co-laborers! All of them are younger than even our youngest child! There is one young lady named Lydia from Canada, and three young men – Rollie and Andras, from Budapest, and Jonovan, from Colorado via Ireland. What a blessing to see such dedication in their young years.
Since the young people are working closely with the kids and teens, Pete and I are free to cruise the town and pursue new relationships. We decided to turn the language problem into an asset by handing out business cards to those who only speak a little or no English – maybe they want to learn with us?!
There is much work to be done, so pray with us that the extra hours we find ourselves with for the next 4 weeks will be Spirit led and fruitful!
Pete and Carla

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