High School Team Prepares for Summer 2016

2016 Team Pic - crThis summer, fifty students and leaders will serve at two English Camps in Hungary. One team will be in Budapest from July 15-July 31, and another will be in Tapolca from July 22-August 7. Much preparation is taking place in the months before they leave, including team-building, lesson preparation, cultural orientation, personal spiritual growth, and most importantly learning how to share the gospel with Hungarian teenagers in every instance of the English Camps.

Attendees to The Orchard’s worship services on February 27-28 may purchase Lou Malnati’s pizza coupons for $13 (cash or check only) to support the team. Team members have already sent out letters to enlist prayer and financial support from friends and family, however, you may also visit theorchardefc.org to partner with them in this significant ministry.

The Lord is sending workers to the harvest field! Thank you for praying!

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