Gospel Conversation and Instruction

TapEngClubMealLinda’s friend, Ilona, the German speaking member of our English Classes, has accepted an invitation to lunch this Friday.  Pray that she would be open to a discussion about the Gospel as we build relationship with her. Pray for all our conversations during social times after English Class.

For the next two Thursdays, Shaun has asked me to lead the devotional  that closes our time together each Thursday evening. His wife, Sondi, will translate for those who only speak Hungarian. This week we will look at one verse, Romans 1:16, and next week the Christmas account in Luke 2. Please pray that the Gospel would be clearly presented. Pray for the sceptics as well as those who are on a faith journey. Pray that God’s power, for the salvation of these dear ones, would bring them to believe.

Today Dezso and I had our “Tuesday Study Time” as we continue in the Book of Nehemiah, discovering what real leadership looks like when God calls us to a particular task. The goal is that Dezso begins to understand what it means to first be under the authority of God and how that changes what leadership looks like in managing our own lives, our family, our work places, our church and the community that God has placed us. Please pray that this time together brings real growth in both of us.

Next Monday is another trip to the Hungarian Immigration Office to try and get our extended VISA. Our 90 day travel VISA will expire on December 10. We have a member of the Danube International Church, Julianna, helping to make sure we have all the correct documents. She is confident in the preparation for our application. Please pray that we would have a cooperative government official and be granted the extended 30 day VISA.

As always we appreciate your prayers for our health, travel and the work God has called us to!

Serving Our King Together!

Rich and Linda Stienstra


One response to “Gospel Conversation and Instruction

  1. Rich and Linda, may God open the heart of Ilona and all those Hungarian seekers! May Dezso and the Thursday eve folks see the light of the gospel!
    We are so proud of ALL of you, including Shaun and Sondi.
    Today Pastor Josh contacted all of us about the scripture reading schedule. Richard, we miss your role but thank God that He has released you to your work.

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