Ministry in Tapolca – Rich

Linda S in Eng ClubThis past Thursday we were able to go to Tapolca, Hungary and continue the English Lessons with the Adult English Clubs that have been established by Shaun and Sondi Carlaw. We had a good time teaching and interacting with the students. One of the students who speaks very little English, Ilona, was so happy to speak German with Linda, and they formed an instant bond. In this part of Hungary many people speak German because of the tourist trade in the area related to the natural hot spring baths.  Sometimes it is the unexpected connection that allows you to begin to build relationships and share the Gospel. Please pray for Ilona.

Shaun and Sondi have been in Tapolca for three years using the English Clubs to build relationships that will hopefully lead to a church plant in Tapolca. Tapolca was very much affected by the years of communist domination by the Soviet Union because it was a strategic mining community. Tapolca is a secular community with little regard for faith and belief in God. Pray for strength and encouragement for Shaun and Sondi and their three young boys; Kellen, Steven and Adam.

I will continue meeting with Dezso this Tuesday. We are enjoying our time studying Nehemiah and drawing application to real life situations.

Tomorrow, Monday, we will be going to the Hungarian Immigration Office to apply for an extended VISA. Because we will be here longer than 90 days, we are here 112 days, we must have an extended VISA for the Schengen Area of Europe. These visits to the Hungarian Immigration Office are always a little stressful and can be filled with bureaucratic tension. Please pray that we get a friendly officer to work with on our case.

I am happy to report that Linda has made a full recovery and is feeling much better! Thank you for your prayers and emails of support!

As always your prayer and support is greatly appreciated!

Rich and Linda Stienstra

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