Finishing up in Tapolca – Rich & Linda

Linda%20and%20IlonaLunch went well with Ilona last week in Tapolca. She invited us to her home for lunch this Thursday. She and Linda have become “soul mates” as the German speaking flows freely. As our time in Tapolca comes to a close this week on December 10, we have two specific prayer requests:

First, that our time with Ilona would bear fruit and we would be able to share the Gospel with her. Shaun and Sondi have told us she is a fairly faithful attender of their small Sunday worship group and is close to becoming a believer. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. Pray that He would be active as we share a meal and time together in her home.

Second, please pray for Linda as she leads our Christmas Devotion at the English Club on Thursday. She will be sharing the Christmas Story in Luke 2 and what that means for each of us personally.

This past Sunday at Danube International Church I met a gentleman from Macedonia, Zhivko Barbutov.  I was able to make a connection for him with Gregor Menga. Gregor is a church planter in Albania who is looking to plant a church in Macedonia. Gregor was our driver last year when I was part of the Prayer Team that went to the Balkans. The soil for the Gospel is extremely hard in Macedonia. Zhivko and Gregor were excited to be able to meet via an email introduction and hopefully in person when they are back in Macedonia. It is always amazing to me how our God works irrespective of time and place.

Last Monday we finally received our VISA extension from the Hungarian Immigration Office. We only had two days left on our 90-day open visa so we have a burden taken from us. We received a 30-day extension, to January 7, 2016. Our tickets to return are on December 29, 2015.

It has been a good week and we are greatly encouraged. Thank you for your prayers! They are so felt and appreciated!

Serving Our King Together!

Rich and Linda Stienstra

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