Tapolca Camp Ends with First Baptism!

Tap crowd at baptismPraise the Lord for all He’s done in these two weeks of camp!  We’re so thankful for all your prayers and support.  Sadly today was our last day of camp, but what a joyous day it was! The day was full of Christ’s love, joy and tears of friendship. Today was a very special day not just because it was the final day of camp but because the campers got to witness Hegysed’s first baptism.

In our final class times we got to play games with the kids, talk with them and have them teach us for a change. Although sad that it was our last class, it was a great time to just talk and further connect with the kids. Today’s chapel time was a little different than usual. We had the pleasure of listening to the testimony of the Irish missionary in Tapolca, Stephen.  He spoke so clearly about the control sin has on our lives and elaborated our need for a savior. After that, Josh spoke shortly on Jesus’ message of I am the way, the truth and the life. Then came the most amazing part of the day; a baptism.

Tap niki bapWe got the joyful news the previous night that our translator, Niki, had felt the call to be baptized and declare her faithfulness to Christ in front of the whole camp.  So she shared her testimony in Hungarian with the students. We all made the short walk down the street to Hegysed lake.  It was incredible to see Niki so boldly declaring her faith before these kids and the kids being interested. Baptisms are always amazing but this one was really special. After the baptism, Niki never stopped smiling. I’m filled with so much joy for my sister in Christ!

The rest of the day was spent playing games or talking with the kids and answering their questions about the gospel.  When four o’clock came and it was almost time for the bus to pick them up, the tears began.  Goodbyes are always painful, but I praised God for each tear shed.  The tears represent a lack of wanting to say goodbye, a relationship God created between us and a friendship that can continue on social media.   A friendship that will allow us to continue to pour the word of God in them.  Praise God for each and every tear.

Although our English camp is finished, ministry continues in Tapolca and prayers are needed. Pray for the missionaries in Tapolca, Shaun, Sondi, and Stephen that they will be able to continue to spread the gospel here.  Pray for the Christians here that they will be bold in their faith and will continue to grow in Christ and be strengthened, especially the new believers.  And pray for those students who don’t believe that what they’ve heard this week will not be forgotten, but will constantly be on their minds.

Praise Christ for all He’s done in Tapolca!


4 responses to “Tapolca Camp Ends with First Baptism!

  1. Bekah, reminiscent of Clint Eastwood, you have just “made my day.” Such a wonderful report!
    I can’t wait to hear directly from you all, soon.
    Pastor Mike
    ( Yours is our daughters’ name- same spelling!)

  2. Woo hoo! Praising God with the Tapolca team! May this baptism be a spark for the rest of the Tapolca people. Thank you for serving.

  3. What a great report. Praise God for the witness given of a baptism. This will stick in their memory.

  4. We are praying that this may lead to a new legacy of believers for generations to come. May Jesus change this town forever!

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