Camp is Over

When we awoke this morning, we were very sad because we knew that we would wake up and drive to Budapest instead of Zsámbok.  As we packed our luggage in the van, we reminisced about our week at camp and talked about how we saw God move.  Let’s listen in on a few of the team members talk about what their week in Zsámbok was like:
•”Camp was so awesome and I’m missing the kids already!”  This is what we all felt as the last day of camp was drawing to a close.  We bonded with the kids so much over the short time we were there.  Even though the language barrier proved troublesome at times, we were able to form bonds with the kids that transcended language.  Things like group handshakes, hugs and pictures proved to us that these kids were glad to have us.
•”I’ll never look at a Gypsy beggar the same way.”  None of us ever will.  We learned about the struggles that these kids faced in school, on the street, and at home.  The cultural stigma against them is terrible and they often have rough home lives.  For some of these kids, camp was a safe place for them to be.  We experienced the Gypsy culture in a way that none of us had before and it opened our eyes in ways that we wouldn’t have known we were blind.
•”God moved.”  Ask any of us.  God was moving.  He brought people from houses with locked gates to an open field to hear the good news.  As some of us shared our testimonies in front of the crowd, we could see the Spirit moving.  People were listening intently to what Gabi, Maria, and Brad had to say.  From the kids in the camp that professed Christ to the lone brother that decided to follow Christ, God was moving. 
-The Zsámbok Team


Open Air Evangelism

2 responses to “Camp is Over

  1. May all who attended continue to be pursuing God that they may be saved and bring others to faith. What beautiful stories these are. God bless you all and the people of Hungary.

  2. It is so good, Nathan, to hear this report. Christ is building his church in the Balkans.
    You all are gypsies also, returning as you are from Zsámbok!
    ” Rejoice in the Lord always!”
    Pastor Mike

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