Budapest – Week One Recap – Lea Wells

IMG_7474After a day of site seeing around Budapest, we are exhausted and looking forward to a lazy day of lunch and church tomorrow. Here is week one recap blog post from the lovely Lea Wells:

Today marked the last day of our first week at English camp! To start off the morning, Ben shared a devotional with us, followed by Brad’s challenge to extend beyond having fun and making the kids feel comfortable, and instead to use the closeness we’ve developed to share the Gospel with them. The rest of the day was filled with English classes, Capture the Flag (yes, we played this again, they love this game), worship, and many intentional conversations about Jesus with the students. During Brad’s very clear Gospel message during chapel, there was a period of time allowed for individual prayer, when God opened the hearts of two campers! After camp ended, we ate at an Italian place called De Lello, followed by a trip to the Danube River, where we looked across the river and had a beautiful view of the Parliament Building. We ended the night with a visit to the crepe shop.

Motivated by Brad’s words, most of us on the team sought out Christ-oriented conversations, and I personally found a few. One of the conversations I had was with a boy named Bence, who I just met yesterday. After asking him if he was following Jesus, he responded no and became very open with me about his doubts and questions. He has a hard time believing in something he can’t see and doesn’t understand how there can be so much evil and darkness in the world, including the death of people he loves. In response, I explained how yes, this world is full of awful and wrong things, but that is because our world is fallen. While there are miraculous works of God happening around the world too, evil is increasing every day, which is how it will be until Jesus overcomes all evil – and until then, there is comfort and hope to be found in Jesus. Although he didn’t come to Christ in that moment, it was very exciting to have the conversation, to listen to what Bence is struggling with, and to tell him that there is hope, joy, and comfort found in Jesus.

One of the many things I’ve learned this trip is that there are few churches and few believers in Budapest, especially compared to the United States. Learning about the culture and history of Budapest has made me realize how blessed I am to live in a Christian home, in a country where there are churches and communities of believers when you look for them.

2 responses to “Budapest – Week One Recap – Lea Wells

  1. Lea, we rejoice with you at the conversion of those two individuals and the clear presentation of the truth of Christ to all those campers!
    Please get home safely may the good Lord bless and keep you guys and gals.
    Pastor Mike

  2. Thanks, Lea, for the update. It is so encouraging to hear what God is doing through you and the others. When our hearts are right our witness is always going to take root even if we think we did or did not say the right things. The Holy Spirit does the work.

    Carolyn Lundgren

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