Pray that Truth Takes Hold – Tapolca

Today was a day that consisted of many positive changes here at the Tapolca camp. We’re seeing both changes in the weather and in the hearts of the kids. After today’s events, it is becoming more evident that the Lord is continuing to answer prayers. The day started off at a hot and humid 94 degrees, but despite the warm temperature, camp still went smoothly. In addition to their regular English and Bible lessons, the campers have been working on their presentations for parents’ night coming up on Thursday. Songs, skits, and memory verses are being prepared to show off their new and improved English skills.

dvd_home_logoThe highlight of the day, however, was the film that was shown at the end of camp. We watched “God’s Not Dead,” which is powerful Christian movie. The story line consisted of a Christian college student who debated with his Atheist professor about the existence of God. It was amazing to watch the professor’s transformation from being totally against God, to accepting Christ as his Savior at the end of the film. Our goal in showing this movie was to get the kids thinking about the powerful message of Christianity. It successfully answered and created questions which they could ask the leaders in small groups. Personally, I found the movie to be very moving and inspirational, and after talking with some of the students, I know they did too. It was encouraging to see them so intrigued and interested.

Right at the end of camp, God once again answered prayers by bringing a big thunderstorm to us. As the rain came pouring down, the temperature must have dropped 20 degrees which was greatly appreciated. Hopefully this cool air will help recharge our batteries so we can push through these last two days of camp. We ask that you pray for our team as we take advantage of our last few opportunities to share Christ with the campers. In the next two days we will be working hard to fit in some final sermons and discussions about our faith. Please pray that God would open the kids’ hearts to what we are telling them.

Finally, I would like to thank two of our translators, Lily and David, who had to leave camp a few days early. They were both huge parts of our team and they will be greatly missed over the next two days. I pray that God will bring them back next year to continue their amazing work here in Tapolca.

Holly Straup

3 responses to “Pray that Truth Takes Hold – Tapolca

  1. Holly, Thanks for your post and a window into your experience at camp. What a great idea to show that movie, and I’m sure it stirred conversation and thinking about the truths of the gospel. We’re praying that you all may finish strong these last two days of camp!

  2. Holly (and team),
    I am praying that God would work through and in you, that kids would come to know Christ as Savior, that relationships would develop in order to foster growth in new-found faith, that you would finish strong, and that you would return to the US safely and transformed by what you’ve experienced so that God would use you to reach your high schools.
    Mr. English
    P.S. I love seeing the Vikes ball cap in the pictures!

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