Home Visit with Campers – Tapolca

Greetings from the little village of Hegyesd!

It has been such a blessing to return to Tapolca, Hungary this summer! From the country air to the breathtaking views we are so blessed to be here. I am so encouraged by the relationships that began last summer and have picked up exactly where they left off!

On Tuesday after camp, each member of our team was invited to enjoy a house visit with a Hungarian camper and their family. I had the privilege to have dinner with four of the sweetest girls: Flóra, Gica, Dóri and Enikő, along with two of our translators, Niki and Peter! We were picked up and driven thirty minutes through the beautiful hills of the Hungarian countryside. We arrived at Flóra’s summerhouse which is located just a short ten minute walk from Lake Balaton.

Tap langosWe were warmly welcomed by the girls’ families. The girls were smiling from ear to ear! They had decorated the table and got all of my favorite Hungarian foods! The way that Hungarians show their love for a guest is by feeding them lots and lots of food! I guess you could say that they really loved us! Our first course consisted of my absolute favorite Hungarian food, Lángos (fried dough served hot and topped with garlic, sour cream, cheese). While we were eating, Enikő started to ask me some questions. She asked me about my family life. “Is your whole family believers in Jesus,” she questioned. I simply answered, yes, and explained that I was very privileged to grow up in a family who loves Jesus and taught me at a young age to follow Him. God gave me the perfect opportunity to share my story with her. Within the same conversation she told me that after English camp last year she accepted the Lord as her Savior! I was not aware of this until then. Unlike me, she is the only Christian in her family and sadly they are not supportive of her beliefs. The light in her eyes just illuminated her love for Jesus regardless of her situation. It made me so happy to know that the conversations I had with her last summer made an impact.

Tap Balaton beach 1After about an hour and a half of eating and conversation we headed down to the lake. That day was the hottest day we have had so far, over 100 degrees, so Lake Balaton was very refreshing. The time we spent playing and talking together is something that I will always cherish. From taking pictures to playing beach volleyball together I felt so at home. At 9:30 we headed back to the summerhouse. I was about ready for bed but that wasn’t the plan. When I walked back inside I was amazed that there was a whole second course. And desert! Meat, tomato salad, potatoes, vegetables, cakes, and cookies. I ate so much 1) because it was delicious and 2) to show them how thankful I was for a home cooked meal. When it came time to leave I felt like part of their family. The girls even told me that I didn’t have to go home, they would let me stay the night. So sweet.

Although we were the last group to get back to the Hegyesd village hall around 11:30, we had a wonderful night. It amazes me that I could feel so welcomed and at home without even being able to speak or understand most of what was being said. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to be in Hungary for these two weeks! The Lord has done and will do so much in the hearts of the kids in this small town. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us! I can’t wait to share more stories when we get back!


Emma Forsline

5 responses to “Home Visit with Campers – Tapolca

  1. Seeds planted can grow without us even knowing about it. Thanks for your faithfulness in sharing and making such an impact on these precious people. Stay COOL!!!!!!

  2. Emma, thanks for keeping us informed and giving us a picture of some delicious Hungarian food.
    Is Hegyesd a potential target for a church plant? Been praying for Tapolca and I want to keep my list current.

  3. Yes, Hegyesd is a small village outside of Tapolca. A church plant anywhere in this area would be wonderful! Thanks for praying!

  4. Emma, Thanks for sharing your home visit experience. What a great story of God working in this young person’s life. The food looked great too!

  5. Emma, What an encouragement you are… I know God will use this in amazing ways. Praying for you often!

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