Day of Firsts

Today was a day of firsts for our camp here in Zsámbok.  We saw kids come out of their shells, we saw kids come together and form teams, and we kept working to make our relationships with them deeper.  One of the firsts that we experienced today was one of the girls named Vanessza took her first picture with our team today.  This was a big moment for her.  Please be praying for her to continue to come out of her shell.
One of the other firsts that we saw today was the kids come together and have camaraderie in both their English classes as well as discussion groups.  The kids really have started to realize that they all have a lot in common.  Many of these kids come from rough family backgrounds and so we are praying that they will continue to form these bonds.  Please continue to pray that they would desire for these relationships to become deeper.
Tomorrow we are going to the pool in the neighboring hamlet of Tóalmás.  Please pray that we are able to control all the kids and that we have no issues.
We thank you all for your prayers concerning our outdoor evangelism.  For some reason, God brought bad storms today.  Even though we didn’t get to do what we originally planned, we were able to just relax as a team and spend some time in prayer for our final days of camp.  Please continue to pray for our open air evangelism opportunity on Friday.  We covet your prayers.


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