New acquaintances to pray for!

Last Thursday night was the second week of English club and there were several new students. I’m blessed that I get the highest level speaking group so we just have a time of vocabulary then laughter–I mean discussion–which I am good at! Pete is doing grammar with a lower level speaking group, bless his heart. After English lessons there is an optional devotional time. Three of the new students chose to stay and really seemed interested in the topic. One girl, Sylvia, seemed especially moved and gave me a hug at the end. Please pray for her with me.

Pete is connecting with an older gentleman who seems to live somewhat like a hermit, but reads his Bible all the time. He started with the English club last week and now plans to also attend Bible study on Tuesday. He is of German background and Pete is communicating with him through their common German language. His name is Karoly. We don’t know where he is spiritually. I’m wondering if the Lord has already revealed the way of salvation to him through his reading. But he is another that we can pray for.

Shaun had put me in touch with a younger woman named Ramona. We finally made a coffee date and she came over to the apartment just to chat – in English. She’s Hungarian, but spent 4 years in Canada. She is now a yoga instructor. Pete was also home for the visit and we were both able to tell of our Christian faith and how the secret to our long marriage was that a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken. She asked, “Who are the 3 strands?” We were so grateful to tell her how the Lord is the strength for each one of us to love and forgive.  I really enjoyed her and have invited her to meet on a regular basis. I asked if she would want to read or study the Bible as well. I would ask our team to be praying for Ramona!

Thank you sooooo much for standing in prayer for these Hungarians without a church. We plan to go on a prayer walk with the whole team today. We are continuing to pray for a church to be established in this town. As we know you are too.


3 responses to “New acquaintances to pray for!

  1. It is great to be able to pray for each of these Hungarians by name, so thank you for giving us specific names. We will continue to pray for a church. The young people from the summer English camps in addition to these adults sooo need to have a church. How blessed we are to have one. Our prayers of gratefulness for what we have turn to prayers that these beautiful Hungarians will have one as well one day soon!

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