Budapest teen camp – Betsy Melchers

Today’s blog is written by Betsy Melchers, our own short term missionary sent out last summer from The Orchard to serve with the Budapest City Team. It’s been a blessing to join her in the Lord’s work that continues in this city.

budcampThis was the first day of the Budapest Fall Camp. I’ve had the privilege of spending time with the Hungarian teens leading up to the camp and hearing their excitement for this camp. As a member of the Budapest City team, I see many of the same students from this camp every week as a part of the Teen Alpha Course. In the time between the Summer Camp and Fall Camp, we’ve been digging in to the basics of Christianity, discussing questions like “Is this life all there is? Who is Jesus? How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?” It’s been exciting to see these teens wrestling through big questions, always willing to spend time considering why God matters.

Today, teens began arriving a full hour early for camp! About 30 students filled the room, ready to spend time with our team. They cherish every moment at this camp, whether it is playing capture the flag in 40 degree weather, drinking tea with the team, or listening to Brad and Adam share the Gospel and answer their questions about how to follow Jesus. The official camp is shorter this year, allowing more time in the afternoon for unstructured hangout/discussion time. The Montázs Art Café was put to good use as teens and teammates chatted about life in the comfy booths and tables.

As the day was winding down, I went upstairs to finish some cleanup and bumped into two of the teen’s moms. They helped me clean up our pumpkin carving mayhem with such gusto it took only about 10 minutes. One mom told me it was the least she could do after she sees the way that we love her son. She said that she can tell just by his face that he had a wonderful day. Joy is contagious, and it shows.

I’m so thankful to have The Orchard team here, and to have our Hungarian team (many of the youth from the KEGy church) serving teens here with unconditional love. God is so good in providing opportunities to love and serve others here (and everywhere.) I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

Thanks for sending the team!


2 responses to “Budapest teen camp – Betsy Melchers

  1. I echo your thanks for sending the team, and thanks to Orchard for sending Betsy! Her love for the Lord and for the Hungarian teens is evident.

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