“Go Tell it on the Mountain”

Interactions with the students have grown deeper today. One conversation developed with a student who revieled that he had become a believer after the English camp here last summer. He expressed concern for his friends and asked one of our team members for suggestions on how he might reach them for Christ. Adam gave a very clear presentation of the gospel during chapel using the story from Acts 8 about Phillip and the Ethiopian man. He showed some simple hand motions to remember the gospel message.

Since there are no gospel teaching churches in this area, the need is great. While English classes were going on, several of us went into the town of Tapolca to walk through the streets praying for the Lord to bring into existence a church and provide an Hungarian pastor. Please join us in this prayer.

hilltop teamOnce the fog burned off, our afternoon camp activity took us all on a hike up an ancient volcano. The climb was exhilarating–pretty much straight up the mountain! At the top, Jordan shared her testimony of God’s work in her life, bringing out many thoughtful questions from the students about living a Christ-centered life. It’s evident that God’s word is penetrating their hearts and minds.

We are thankful for the healing that’s come to several on the team who have not been feeling well. Thanks for your prayers! Tomorrow half the group will leave after camp for the 2-hour drive back to Budapest to begin the discipleship camp there on Thursday. Please pray for our continued work in Tapolca and that God would use our team to strengthen the believers in Budapest.

Thanks for praying!

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