Tapolca English Camp – Elise

EliseToday was the first day of English Camp in Tapolca. We arrived in Hegyesd at 10 a.m., exactly the time that camp was planned to start! The students seemed timid at first but warmed up after morning games. We did not teach any lessons today but after games, Brad W. preached on the woman at the well. The students were very attentive and thoughtful. We later had English Discussion Groups. This was a smaller group but I enjoyed the student’s honesty about what they liked about camp and what they didn’t.

On this team, I am responsible for camp games. This may be a simple task but I have a strong desire to ensure all the students enjoy the games. The kids notice our energy level and whether or not the team is participating. I feel as though they are encouraged by our joy and spirit. This opens up a line for discussion on why we are so happy. It is the blessing of Jesus Christ that we may even be here in Hungary, and we are eager to share. I have discovered that with patience and a little hand motions there are many ways to communicate despite the language barrier.

Hungary 2I see Christ working throughout Hungary. Three locations in three days has been exhausting and equally invigorating. The Lord continues to have his hand on Budapest, especially in the Montazs Art Cafe. By the grace of God the gospel is spreading in the gypsy community in Zsambok. And here in Tapolca, there are students who are coming back for more. They have developed a curiosity for the gospel. We want to share as much as we can while we are here because unfortunately there are no churches here to which we can direct the students. This being said I would ask for prayers for the students to turn that curiosity into a burning passion for Christ. That they may have an understanding of what great power He has over our lives and what He has done for us. In addition, please, please pray for a solid church that we may encourage these students to worship and ask their questions when we aren’t here. Thank you so much for all your prayers. We are feeling much love over here in Hungary!


2 responses to “Tapolca English Camp – Elise

  1. Elise, thanks for giving us insight into your work. I love that you talked about your work being both, “exhausting and equally invigorating.” That is a template for ministry: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. His strength perfected in our puniness. I also appreciate how you made me feel like I’m sort of there. I have prayed for us to reach new cities, and Zsambok was mentioned by Brad. Now you confirmed that what I had on my prayer list really is there (though I’m not doubting my primary source 🙂 God bless you all! Mike

  2. I’m so glad all is well in Hungary it sounds like you guys had a great start I hope the Lord continues to open up gospel opportunities and I’ll be praying. Miss you all!


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