Tapolca Update – Emma Forsline

Greetings from Tapolca, Hungary! Let me begin by saying how much I enjoy this trip! We have only been in Hungary for 5 days but it has been great! Arriving in Tapolca on Sunday night was when I got really excited to get camp started! The landscape and views are stunning. Over the past 3 days I have made many Hungarian friends. At first they were not very comfortable but after a while the kids began to talk! The language barrier has begun to break down as I teach them English and they teach me Hungarian! The words I can remember are blue (kék) and shoelaces (cipőfűző). But the main purpose of this trip is to share the  love of Christ with these kids. On the first day of camp I had a conversation that really impacted me. I was talking with one of the translators named Magdolna who’s niece, Dorka, is attending English camp. Dorka is in my elementary teaching group and I noticed from the beginning of class that she was very quiet. Her aunt shared about how Dorka’s father has passed away five years ago and it really hurt her. Magdolna told me how badly Dorka needs to have Jesus in her life. I said to her that we have two weeks to impact her and a lot can happen in just two weeks! As camp continues, I look forward to sharing the gospel with Dorka and others like her! Thank you to everyone who is praying for us! We are seeing god work right before our eyes. He is using us to do great things!

2 responses to “Tapolca Update – Emma Forsline

  1. It is so encouraging to hear! I went to Tapolca last year. It is a beautiful place but is so lost. Thank you for spreading Gods word around the world!

  2. Emma, thanks for writing! We will pray the Lord opens the door for you to share the Gospel several times this week and that the students have soft hearts to hear and receive the message.

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