7/25/14 Budapest Update – Jenna George

(Sorry for the blogging delay! There has been some schedule/internet issues, but we’re back now!)

“The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost” as written in 1 Timothy 1:15. I can’t believe that the first week of camp is complete! This week zoomed by; but was filled with smiles, grace, laughter, love, and a constant reminder of the Gospel. Throughout the last three days, the kids, the translators, and our teaching teams, took a trip to Aqua World (Wednesday), which is an indoor/outdoor waterpark; played an intense game of capture the flag (Thursday) along with blob tag, egg-chick-chicken, and some hook-up tag (Friday).   Along with the games, the messages from Betsy (a missionary in Hungary) and Brad have been impactful and have started some great, life-changing conversations. Some of the messages were from Acts and 1 Timothy. One of the most memorable moments during the week was when Brooke and Balint shared their testimonies. Sharing their testimonies brought curiosity and many questions – which was awesome and so exciting!

I was so excited (and still am) that God opened a door for me to share my testimony several times! I am a small group leader which has provided many deeper interactions with the kids. Small groups has been a great opportunity to see the kids change and become more comfortable throughout the week. They became more curious about the gospel and bold about asking questions and even praying. One of the most encouraging responses that I got from sharing my testimony was from a girl name Brigi who told me that she was already a Christian. She was so excited to hear my story because she also was in love Jesus. We had a great conversation about how to stay strong and continue the walk with Jesus.

God has been teaching me many things just in this past week, but one thing that has stuck out is how much time with God every day does matter. One day I slept through my quiet time, and that extra sleep did not strengthen me throughout the day, but drained me and weakened my focus. The other days I had gotten my devos in and my days were totally different – filled with energy, joy, and a strong desire for the kids to know Christ. God is strength and love; I am blessed to be learning that in many ways.

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