7/22/14 Budapest Update – Steven Wagner

Before I begin, let me tell all of you who is writing this blog post. My name is Steven Wagner, I am a recent high school graduate, and this is my first experience with the Hungary missions team. I now get the pleasure to blog about the day that the team experienced, and throw in some of my extra spice along with it. Today (Tuesday) was our second day of English camp, and it was definitely a doozy. We had conquered the first day yesterday, so today we could start to build new relationships, as well as renew ones that some of us already had. In chapel we heard about the gospel through the story of Paul’s conversation. Then, in the afternoon, we were unable to go outside for outdoor games, so we had to stay inside and think on our feet a little bit. We wound up playing the pull up game (this doesn’t involve actual pull ups) and that took up about 70% of the game time. Everyone had a blast with it and a whole bunch of positive, fun energy filled the room, as well as some very interesting smells. We had a very upbeat, exciting day with Aqua World to look forward to tomorrow.

Now some of my personal experiences… As a new member to the English Camp, I had to work on basic relationships with kids. I think yesterday, most of the kids had a tough time figuring me out, but now that they had a day to get to know me, and the rest of the new staff, we were able to start establishing some pretty sweet friendships. In the morning, I could feel myself getting a little down because of the weather and some other little things, and I could also feel my energy starting to lack because of it. After worship though, I had a talk with another staff member from St. Louis. She told me to be patient with these camps. I had expressed my desire to share the gospel Hungary, and she didn’t blame me for that, but she told me that Hungarians take some time to warm up to concepts. I would simply need to show patience for the deep faith talks to come. I realized that a major key for myself and the rest of the team for the trip was going to be patience in seeing Christ work in these kids’ lives.

I’m pumped to see how the rest of the week goes, and also pumped to see how God continues to use each and every one of us to do his work through our hands. Please continue reading this blog, tell your friends about it, and most importantly PRAY FOR US! See you tomorrow night!

2 responses to “7/22/14 Budapest Update – Steven Wagner

  1. Steven. I am Lea’s Granny and have been following the blogs from your team. I have been praying for you. I just want you to know that I admire you so much for going to Hungary and caring about those kids you’ve never met. It couldn’t be easy, especially if you’re not a person who is used to working with and talking to groups of kids from a different culture or a different age group. I think as you pray for them and wait for them to see the Holy Spirit working in you, that will be the beginning of open hearts. I hope you have good weather to brighten your days. You could send California some of that rain, and we’d know just what to do with it!
    Thinking of you, praying for you, L G

  2. Steven, thanks for sharing your initial frustrations. It reminds us to pray for patience for all of you even when you may not see much fruit, especially in the beginning.
    What a wonderful gift to be the first seed planter in some of these kids’ lives! May God continue to build you up and encourage you all.

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